Friends of San Lorenzo Creek

Fish and Wildlife in
San Lorenzo Creek Watershed

Ecology, Assemblage, Structure, Distribution and Status of Fishes in Streams Tributary to the San Francisco Estuary — Includes historical data on fish in the San Lorenzo Creek Watershed since 1851 (report by Robert Leidy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, April 2007).

Historic and Current Status of Fish in San Lorenzo Creek Watershed — From a 2003 report on the status of selected fish in streams of the San Francisco estuary.

Fish Habitat and Fish Population Assessment for the San Lorenzo Creek Watershed, Alameda County, California, Alameda County Flood Control District and HES, 2002.

San Lorenzo Creek Fishery Resource and Habitat Survey, technical memorandum from J. Hagar, HES, to R. Wetzig, Alameda County Clean Water Program, October 1, 1998.

Assessment of Steelhead Presence and Habitat in San Lorenzo Creek Watershed — master's thesis by Lawrence Patrick Kobernus, Special Major Department, California State University, Hayward, 1998. (Link is to 1.5 MB PDF file offsite.)

Salmon and Trout Habitat in Alameda and Contra Costa County, letter from F. Gray, Calif. Dept. Fish and Game, to T. Palmisano, October 30, 1987.

[Updated November 12, 2007]