Sediment Reduction and Habitat Enhancement


The goals of the project are to:

(1) Decrease erosion in the upper watershed, thereby decreasing siltation of the reservoirs, and improving riparian habitat.

(2) Decrease streambank failures in the lower watershed, thereby decreasing soil erosion and downstream siltation to improve habitat for fish and wildlife.

(3) Provide alternative stream restoration strategies instead of traditional concrete lining of the watershed's streams and improve habitat for fish and wildlife.

Three sites were chosen to demonstrate alternative bioengineering techniques to repair streambank failures:

Palomares Creek (6395 Palo Verde Road, Castro Valley)
Eden Creek (22469 Eden Creek, Castro Valley)
Cull Creek (Cull Canyon Road, Castro Valley)

Palomares, Cull Canyon, Eden Canyon Creek Restoration
Palomares Creek Project (news article)
Palomares Creek Project (contractor's statement of work)


$344,000 (US EPA 319(h) grant via State Water Resources Control Board)
$181,000 (Alameda County Public Works Agency)
$61,000 inkind (Alameda County Public Works Agency)


March 2001 - October 2004

Carla Schultheis
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Water Conservation District
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