Friends of San Lorenzo Creek

Initial Program and Policy Statement

Program Objectives

1. Promote ongoing, regular creek cleanup.

2. Promote awareness of the creek as a rare natural resource and cultural resource; promote education about the natural and human history of the creek in the public at large, public officials, and school children.

3. Encourage public agencies and community organizations to take responsibility for the creek and promote cooperative action among them, including Hayward Area Parks and Recreation District, East Bay Regional Parks District, historical societies, Alameda County Public Works Agency (Clean Water and Flood Control programs), cities of Hayward and San Leandro, Oro Loma Sanitary District, owners of property along the creek, and various community organizations.

4. Promote creek restoration (to more natural state) where feasible, including enhancement of the creek as a fish stream.

5. Promote development of public amenities in and around the creek (e.g., public trails), while respecting the creek's natural state.

6. Advocate for the health of the creek and the public interest when construction projects affect the creek or its access. Review and comment on projects affecting the creek at the earliest possible time during proceedings before public agencies.

7. Advocate for public policy that fits our goals and values.

Specific Objectives

(1) The county adopts a comprehensive policy on the creek that is supported by the cities of San Leandro and Hayward through adoption of policies that are consistent or complimentary. (Most of the creek lies within the jurisdiction of the county.)

(2) The county actively seeks out opportunities provided by other agencies to enhance the natural beauty and health of the creek.

(3) The county maintains a detailed map of the creek, answering the question, "Where is the creek with respect to property boundaries?"

(4) Negative features of channelized segments of the creek are minimized.

Policy Values

(1) No action to be taken that would result in a net loss of the creek.

(2) Mitigation of adverse impacts on the creek from programs or projects must be creek-related.

(3) Development of creek amenities should not, on balance, adversely affect the natural condition and beauty of the creek.

Adopted by the board of directors Dec. 28, 2003